Thursday, December 12, 2013

Canada Post RIP

Being half way around the globe, I learn from The Sydney Morning Herald Digital Edition: Canadians to lose home mail.

Its news, but not unexpected and certainly appropriate as any three year old with a smart phone will tell you: the world is going digital and regular mail is being phased out and no amount of complaining from unions and left-wing politician and chief whiner Olivia Chow, is going to reverse the process.

Perhaps this will also have the positive effect of reducing the amount to junk-mail we receive, including solicitations by unknown charities, who seem to regularly acquire mailing lists.

Its amazing how much of the mail after being away for six months last year, was pure junk, since in our absence we made provisions for all important stuff be delivered on-line. Interestingly, the main exception was notices from our government regarding taxes payable which are still delivered by snail-mail. So much for government efficiency.

Higher postal prices will also I suspect encourage more private sector delivery services, which are often cheaper and faster, as evidenced by their use by most on-line retailers like Amazon.

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

fond memories from Bardia National Park, Nepal

If you ever visit Nepal, I cannot recommend a better place to stay than Mr. B's in Bardia Natial Park. Below is a letter from the enigmatic Mr. B.who welcomed us like family.

Namaste Andrew Jacob,

This is Mr B and family from Bardia NPark of Nepal. I know it is quit a late to write you an email through out my expecting you may had a good time been here in Bardia specially with us .We are often talk about you and hope to see you again. I know life is not in limitation, there many things to observe and feel in the world but we still hope to see you again. I don't want to miss to share the reality of the tiger population is increasing

in Bardia NPark and I confirm you that it is the only one national park where you have 90% chance to see the tigers in Nepal. the population of the 0ther wild animal also are increasing. I am expecting with you to share this good news including Mr B's Place as well with your friends. I would like to inform you that it is one of the way to introducing

the travellers about Mr B's Place and encourage them to come to stay in here. It will be

great help if you have any kinds of other ways like in website etc.

Good luck and have a wonderful days with fantastic every single nights along the life on.

Best wishes

Mr.B and family from Bardia,Nepal.